Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the photos I’ve captured in my Shoebox from Ancestry app be lost?

    Your scanned photos taken through the Shoebox app will not be lost. They are automatically saved to the Media Gallery in your Ancestry account.

    Additionally, if you have an iOS device, you may have selected the option to share scanned photos to your camera roll. In this case your photos would be accessible in your phone’s media gallery as well.

  2. How can I access the photos that I captured through the Shoebox app?

    To access any scanned photos you’ve taken through the Shoebox app, please login to your Ancestry account and select either the tree or person you’ve saved the photo to, and you will be able to access your scanned image(s) in the Media Gallery there.

  3. How do I know which family tree I’m uploading to?

    At the top of the upload stream, you will see the name of your selected family tree. If you have more than one family tree, you can tap the name to reveal your list of trees.

  4. I see that you’ve retired the app, but I can still use it on my phone; why is this the case?

    The Shoebox from Ancestry app is no longer available to download in the iTunes or Google Play store. If you currently have the app downloaded, it may continue to function, but will not be maintained or updated. We recommend that you uninstall the Shoebox app and download the Ancestry app.

  5. How can I add photos to my family tree from my phone?

    We encourage you to download the Ancestry app, available for iOS and Android, which has the functionality to take photos with your camera phone and add them to your family tree.